A: Our products are made for all skin types so that includes yours! Since our ingredients are all derived from plants, our ingredients are gentle, yet effective!

A: Absolutely! We love using healthy ingredients while still being anti-aging so you get the best of both worlds.We also take great pride in being healthy for humans, the planet and the animals.

A: Yes!We use the highest quality of anti-aging ingredients so you get younger looking skin quickly!

A: While all ofour products are great for anti-aging, if you aren’t looking for anti-aging benefits yet and just wan to clear up your skin and keep breakouts away, we recommend using the cleanser and serum. If you are looking to resurface your skin as well, the AHA works great for breakouts. Since the AHA can only be used 1-2x per week, buying the serum or vitamin c cream would be your best option for everyday use. Our Essential Set would be the perfect set for someone with breakouts.

A: We use high quality anti-aging ingredients and we use nearly the maximum amount that is allowed, to give you intense results quickly! Sometimes your body just takes time to adjust.And since we lose most of our moisture when we sleep (making us extra dewy when we wake up) If this isn’t just a one time thing, try using a little less product and keeping it a little bit further away from the creases around your eyes and this should solve that problem quickly!

A: We use 6% AHA (pomegranate enzymes) in our cleanser to deep clean your pores and dry up those breakouts and our products are nice and lightweight. We have had great results from customers keeping their pimples and blackheads away without coming back! Of course, if you eat ten chocolate bars, you are bound to still get a pimple. The best set for breakouts would be our ‘Essential Set’

A: If you put on only a little bit, the tingle with go away quicker. Apply a bit thicker to give the full benefits and then after it deactivates (stops tingling) dab off with a towel then massage into your skin or wash off and apply the serum if it feels too heavy.

A: The quick answer is no. We designed our product to naturally deactivate after a few minutes. You can massage it into your skin and use it as your night cream or if you have oily skin, we often recommend washing it off and using the serum afterwards as the AHA cream tends to be very hydrating and great for dryer skin once it deactivates.

A: Currently there is no SPF in our face creams, however, we are working on it! Since we believe in natural, healthy ingredients,we are currently going through the process to add mineral sunscreen to our products.

For now, apply our products and apply your favorite SPF overtop (ensure it is a face SPF that won’t cause you to break out) Remember SPF works as a barrier so always apply your favorite creams first then your SPF after so your body can absorb all the benefits of your favorite creams.

A: Yes absolutely! We are animal cruelty free as well and eco-friendly! We believe in being healthy for humans, the planet and the animals

A: Absolutely not! We have high standards and believe in animal rights and would never do anything to harm four legged creatures

A: We are proud to be Canadian and are made locally in British Columbia

A: While we use no harmful ingredients, it is always good to ask your physician. Bring your products with you at your next appointment and have him/her check out the ingredients to give your best answer.

A: We aim to ship your products right away! If you have not received your package within 7 business days, please let us know and we can check your tracking number.

A: Absolutely! We ship to home, businesses and PO boxes

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to give discounts on already placed items. Please save your code and use it for your next purchase.

A: We do offer free shipping months, however, if we do not have one up, we do charge shipping depending on the area/country we are shipping too.

A: Absolutely! We want Glowbal to be Global